Most Attractive Tourist Destination in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, a place in central India which is a tourist attraction and attracts the visitors from all over the world for wildlife safaris, world heritage sites and sculptured paintings. There are various places to visit in the Madhya Pradesh. It includes tourist destinations for religious travelers, history buffs, nature lovers and more. The top ten tourist places in Madhya Pradesh are listed below;

  • Khajuraho Erotic TemplesThese temples are one of the top historical destination in india.There are over 20 temples abounding in erotic sculptures. It indicates a celebration of love, life and worship.
  • Bandhavgarh National Park – This is one of the top national park and best place to see tigers in the wild in India. This park has a feature of dense green valleys and rocky hill terrain with an ancient fort.
  • Kanha National Park – This Park is rich in lush saal and bamboo forests, lakes, streams and open grasslands. It has an all round nature experience park. It has many endangered species saved in this park.
  • Gwalior – Main attraction of this place is the massive hilltop fort that towers over the city. There are a number of palaces and temples in the main mandir palace.
  • Orchha – This is a place located on the banks of Betwa River. It’s a peaceful place full of palaces and temples which adds a medieval charm to this place. The Jahangir mahal is the largest and most impressive place with a panoramic view.
  • Sanchi – It is one of the India’s oldest Buddhist relics. It is the great stupa, built by the Emperor Ashoka. There are a number of temples, stupas and monasteries along with an archeological museum.
  • Bhopal – This place has two main attractions- mosques and museums. There are also two large lakes, upper lake and lower lake. It has a Tribal museum which shows the tribes of the region and their lives.

This place is considered as the state of art. It’s also known as the tiger state of India. The state has three world heritage sites namely sanchi, Bheembetka and Khajuraho.

 These are places which attract most of tourist and it is well know for its beauty and creative structure. You must vist these places if you want to travel madhya prades or came to travel in madhya pradesh.

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